226 is the total distance in kilometers of the toughest endurance challenge in the world – the Ironman. Just like those who practice running are called runners, those who practice this sport can be called 226ERS.

226ERS is a philosophy, a certain way to view life marked by the desire to be better at every moment, to outdo oneself day by day, to follow your dreams with every resource at your disposal and achieve goals which at the beginning appeared impossible. Perhaps you have already run the 226kms, and although it is more probable that you have not, its philosophy is applicable in every walk of life.

At 226ERS we want to inspire people to reach their BEST.

The correct nutrition is fundamental in order to maintain our state of well-being at its best level, both physically and mentally. Maintaining ourselves strong within both these pillars is crucial to being ready when the moment comes to achieve our goals. As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves, and continue to do so, to see to this with our wide range of products that help you maintain your body and mind at its optimal best. The products are gluten free, developed almost entirely using natural components and ingredients which are low in or free of sugar and completely free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

All of this has been considered so that nothing can interfere with your digestive system or the correct absorption of nutrients that your body and mind needs. We want your nutrition to be one of your weapons, a fundamental pillar to optimize your fitness and facilitate your route to your personal goals.