At 226ERS we are aware that an athlete is not just an athlete when doing sport, instead an athlete all the time. If you are one and are reading this you know exactly what we are talking about. Everything counts, any decision can increase or decrease your chances. The more demanding we become of ourselves the faster we are diminishing that threshold that we allow ourselves to make decisions that depend on our results, like losing hours of sleep or indulging ourselves with one of those (unhealthy) guilty pleasures. At 226ERS we want to inspire you to become capable of achieving your highest fitness level while enjoying it along the way. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to design and create products that go that bit further than those moments when practicing sports and that help you improve your daily performance. As well as this, while going that bit further, we are also always thinking about how to ease your effort so we have paid special attention to something we believe to be of high importance when choosing the right products: it should revolve around delicious products.

Check out some of our most popular ALL DAY LONG ATHLETE products that are based on our philosophy.




Ideal for breakfast and the best option if you want to substitute that household cocoa for a healthy, delicious supplement that activates, builds up and regulates the immune system. As well as this, it protects tendons and reduces inflammation of the soft tissues typical during these periods. It contains royal jelly, echinacea and vitamin B6 among other active ingredients.

It can be mixed with milk, water and vegetable-based drinks and can be found in four different flavours: Cappuccino, Chocolate, Biscuit, and Vanilla with Coffee. + info





Ideal to take before going to bed and consumed in a creamy mixture, e.g. custard or yoghurt, and eaten with a spoon. It helps with muscle recuperation while you rest, taking full advantage of the natural benefits sleeping brings.

A very wholesome and delicious product that will, without doubt, become one of your most indispensable ones.

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A traditional dessert made from pea protein base with flax seed for increased fibre quantity and maca extract to counteract physical and mental exhaustion. It is an ideal product to consume at any time of the day whether for breakfast, as an evening snack, a dessert or prior to a competition. Each portion contains 19g of protein and only 0,4g of sugar as the stevia extract provides sweetening.

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A delicious chocolate flavoured cake with crunchy pieces of cocoa elaborated using gluten free ingredients filled with nutritional properties such as rice and teff flour that provide fibre and slow-burning carbohydrates with minerals and amino acids.

Apt for vegans and very easy to prepare.

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Ideal for looking after your joints and one whose results will surprise you. Its main ingredient is the Ovomet® membrane egg which is very efficient in reducing joint pains and connecting tissues. It also contains plant extracts, calcium and turmeric.

A natural product rich in protein and essential nutrients.

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