Following our plan to offer you healthy recipes. Today we post a delicious breakfast recipe using our delicious Recovery Drink Chocolate. Enjoy it¡


  • 150 gr coconut milk
  • 100 gr vegetal milk
  • 50 gr de Recovery Drink Chocolate (4 measures)
  • 1 spon chia seeds
  • 1 spon cinamon powder
  • 1 pinc of cayenne
  • Dried fruits and seeds to decorate


How to make:

  • Mix well the coconut milk to unify the liquid part and the thick part.
  • Prepare your recovery with coconut milk and hot or cold vegetable drink.
  • Put the Recovery with the rest of the ingredients in a mixing glass.
  • Crush until you get a creamy texture.
  • Serve the mixture in your cup.
  • Decorate with dried fruits and seed.



After training it is fundamental to recuperate as quickly as possible in order to:

  • Assimilate the training.
  • Be capable of performing at 100% the next day.

We should:

  • Protect and rebuild the “damaged” muscles after training by means of proteins and aminoacids.
  • Refill our glycogen stores by means of a quality carbohydrate as quickly as possible.
  • Provide a 15-25% ratio of proteins with respect to carbohydrates.

We know:

  • How you behave after a tough training session.
  • That, apart from eating specific products to recuperate, you also consume fruit, energy bars, sugary drinks and fruit juices.
  • That all of this carbohydrate replacement reduces the proportion of protein consumed, something which hinders recuperation.

RECOVERY DRINK contains approximately 40% of the best protein, which is equivalent to taking 20-25g of protein in every dose.

It also provides:

  • L-Arginine (250mg per dose)
  • Creatine (3g per dose)