Following our plan to offer you healthy recipes. Today we post a delicious breakfast recipe using our delicious K-WEEKS IMMUNE combined with oatmeal, Chia seeds, banana and nuts.

250 ml vegetable drink
40 gr K-WEEKS IMMUNE (4 measures) Irish coffee (or your favorite flavor)
20 gr oat flakes
1 banana
A handful of nuts
1 spoon Chia seeds

Prepare your K-weeks with hot or cold vegetable drink
Put the banana and the K-weeks in a mixing glass
Crush to a creamy texture
Serve oatmeal with nuts and chia seeds in a bowl
Pour the mixture of K-weeks


It is a breakfast drink designed to be taken during periods:

  • High demand, either by volume or intensity.
  • Pre-competition period.
  • Changing Station.

We know that:

  • In the colder seasons, it is difcult to maintain and requires the most from you.
  • You must protect yourself to improve and save these periods.

Its composition provides:


PROBIOTICS – MEGAFLORA 9 – Stimulate Intestinal Flora

BETA – D GLUCAN – Decreases the Glycemic Index

CHAMOMILE Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

AMINO ACIDS Build Proteins

VITAMIN B6 Suitable Protein and Glycogen Metabolism

COLLAGEN Aids joint and bone health

ROYAL JELLY Boosts the Immune System

INULIN Gives Soluble Fiber

ECHINACEA Affords greater resistance