Competition over long distances is part of our DNA, that’s why, after three years of development we present our most advanced product; SUB9 RACE DAY.

The process began when Javier Gómez Noya became an IRONMAN athlete, and it involved the University of Cáceres and Guillermo Olcina. Later, Iván Álvarez and Pablo Villa joined the developing team, which ended up covering the needs and specifications of the cycling squad Movistar Team.

After this long journey, we introducing the new SUB9 RACE DAY, an energy drink that provides the largest amount of carbohydrates from Cyclodextrin and Palatinosa so far, and that is specifically designed for long- duration competitions.

SUB9 RACE DAY main feature is low osmolarity, which is designed to achieve a perfect assimilation of its 82 grams of carbohydrates. In addition, it contains almost 1 gram of BCAAs per dose, in an 8: 1: 1 ratio, and 460 milligrams of sodium from sea salt, and 230 milligrams of L-Carnitine.

SUB9 RACE DAY improves glycogen replacement more efficiently, offering cyclical and sustained release energy thanks to its latest generation carbohydrates (Cyclodextrin and Palatinose).

As for Cyclodextrin and Palatinose, they have multiple benefits:

• They hardly produce insulin spikes.

• They benefit the use of glucose in the cells in a shorter period of time, keeping stable blood sugar levels for longer.

• They achieve rapid gastric emptying due to their high molecular weight and low osmolarity, favoring digestion and reducing gastrointestinal side effects.

• They do not inhibit fat burning.

SUB9 RACE DAY has aminoacids in an 8: 1: 1 ratio with an extra of leucin. This combination of essential aminoacids is perfect for endurance sports, since it provides metabolic energy to the muscles, preserves glycogen levels and has a anabolic effect – mainly thanks to leucine, which actively participates in the muscle recovery process.

The presence of L-Carnitine helps transfering long-chain fatty acids to mitochondria, increasing energy supply to the muscle and promoting greater blood flow in the area. This way, the production of ketones that prevent protein catabolism is also increased while saving muscle glucose and glycogen. This improves performance and recovery, and reduces tissue damage in the muscles.

Presented in a single-use format, SUB9 RACE DAY has a mild lemon flavor and is totally suitable for vegans. For using, add a little water to dissolve the powder, shake firmly and fill with water.


More information: https://www.226ers.com/en/product/sub9-race-day-monodosis/