A few months ago, we updated our Energy Gel formula by improving their taste and reuniting its indispensable contents that catalogue them as ecological or BIO products. This change is in response to our brand’s strategy to create products that care for the athlete’s health in the long term while continuously maintaining efficient and elaborate products that contain ingredients of the highest quality.

Now we have decided to take a step further with this product by offering four of them in a new higher-quantity format. This is ideal for those sports or situations when the sportsman or sportswoman needs to ingest and assimilate a higher quantity of the product along with the required water intake that should accompany it. It is recommended that 10% of carbohydrates should be ingested with respect to the quantity of water. The sports, in which the use of these gels is recommended, are mainly in cycling and trail running as these sports require a steadier, lower heart rate / pace. As a result, the use of the gel with the necessary quantity of water makes digestion possible and will not cause problems of any kind.

The 226ERS BIO Energy Gels have been available throughout 2017 at official provisions stalls at internationally recognised events such as the Reebok® Spartan Race in Spain and Andorra, the half-distance and long-distance Challenge in Madrid and Salou, the BUFF EPIC TRAIL and the trail of Camí de Cavalls.

The 226ERS BIO Energy Gel is perfect for the use in situations requiring the highest energetic demand in whichever endurance or outdoor sport.


  • A blend of organic carbohydrates composed of amylopectin, maltodextrin, fructose and glucose.  
  • Sodium and potassium mineral salts.
  • Rapid ingestion and absorption in the stomach.
  • Contains extra electrolytes obtained from BIO sea salts.
  • Each supplement should be taken with 400ml of water.

The best-selling 25gr formats such as Cola, Melon, Lemon, Strawberry and Banana are available in the new 40gr format.