Creatine has an alkalizing effect, and also neutralize the acidity produced by the metabolism of the muscle cell which is correlated with fatigue.

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Most of the creatine can be found in the skeletal muscle, mainly through the phosphocreatine, which is used to get energy quickly, but also to decrease the muscular acidosis. This fact delays fatigue and has a restoring effect.

When is it interesting the use of creatine?

  • At the beginning of your aerobic exercise, when there is no overweight.
  • Training sessions where hard efforts of short durations are required and there is short recovery period. Sports displaying intermittent work patterns (football, basketball, volley, racket sports, etc.).

To maximise absorption:

  • Train with Energy+Creatine.
  • Recovery Drink+Creatine, after your training session. The creatine helps you to recover and you’ll be able to increase your muscular level.

Gluten-free. No added sugar. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Size 300g. Neutral Taste.


0’03g/kg/day (1 measures = 6g)


A daily dose of 0,1 and 0,3 g/kg/day is recommended, preferably without any other source of amino acids so absorption of glutamine is not interfered.

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