The sports clubs Alavés and Saski-Baskonia have reached an agreement to collaborate with the 226ERS sports nutrition brand. Born in the heart of the triathlon sport, its goal is to help triathletes face the 226kms in one of the hardest tests in the world.

The players will make use of the same sports supplements that many long distance triathletes such as Ivan Raña, who was the first Spaniard to become Triathlon World Champion and is the best Spaniard in the Ironman category in recent years, use and inspire a whole new generation of athletes and make them believe that “yes we can.” The total number of kilometers in an Ironman is 226km: 3.860m swimming, 180km cycling and 42.2km running (the same as a marathon) and some of the triathletes that dedicate themselves to this sport can reach up to 40hrs of training per week. In such a demanding test, nutrition plays a key part as the body is constantly pushed to the limit and has to run at 100%.

En la imagen: Iván Raña. Fotógrafo: Ginés Díaz.

At the moment, football and basketball have benefitted from all of this newfound knowledge regarding nutrition and have made use of it thanks to a discipline that takes the body to the extreme. Ainhoa Prieto, official nutritionist of the Baskonia-Alavés Group, considers it fundamental for the players to follow a balanced diet and one that is also geared towards the lifestyle of the elite athlete where the quality of the nutrition is highly important. However, due to the amount of physical effort exerted, this is not always enough. “We believe that 226ERS is a company that offers us supplements that have an excellent range, are made from ingredients of the highest quality and the necessary nutritional composition to meet the players needs. Moreover, they consist of products that are gluten-free, made from the best possible natural ingredients and reducing elements such as sugar and lactose to a minimum. This can help us with players that could have allergies to these elements or pertain to digestive problems. All of this helps us so that the players can maintain performance and a healthy state throughout the entire season.”

En la imagen: jugadores del Saski-Baskonia. Ilimane Diop, Iván Martínez y Tornike Shengelia

Ainhoa knows exactly what she is looking for in sports supplements – before, during and after sports training.

Before and after a match or training.

High Quality Carbohydrates

In normal circumstances, carbohydrates are the main source of energy that our body uses when we do sports. “Having the right amount of carbohydrates to last a 90-minute match is fundamental so the players can maintain the demanding pace that a match requires.” To achieve this, it is important to make use of sports supplements rich in quality carbohydrates that are easily digested and readily available to provide the maximum amount of energy to optimally perform.


Hydration is key to maintaining performance at its maximum in order to avoid fatigue, a reduced performance or cramps, especially when in conditions with high temperatures and humidity. “When in conditions of the highest performance, water is not enough to keep our organism optimally hydrated.” When sweating, the human body releases a large quantity of mineral salts, mainly sodium, one that is impossible to replace with only water. In this case, quality isotonic drinks and supplements rich in salt take on particular importance.

After a match or training


After great physical effort and subsequent exhaustion of the athlete’s body, for example during a football match, the correct recuperation is crucial so that the players can reach 100% for their next fixture. In order to do this, carbohydrates and rapid assimilation of elevated biological value proteins play a particularly relevant part, as well as other elements that influence tissue recovery. As a result, “it is important to rely on a high-quality product that has the right composition and ingredients to ensure rapid recuperation.”

En la imagen: Iván Raña. Fotógrafo: Ginés Díaz.