226 is the distance in kilometers comprising the hardest top sporting event in the world, the long distance triathlon. In the same way that people who run are called “runners”, the sportsmen who participate in these sporting events can be called “226ERS”.


226ERS is a brand created by and for fans of ENDURANCE and OUTDOOR sports. It was born to satisfy the most demanding athletes needs.

Our satisfaction is the success of our athletes and the trust they place in our products.

It is rewarding that our contribution to athletes feeding make their goals easier to reach.


226ERS has been created by and for fans of
endurance and outdoor sports.


we know that:

  • You look for your limits
  • You push yourself to the maximum
  • You cannot leave anything to chance

Your supplementation counts,
now more than ever, because:

  • Provides more efficient energy
  • Reduction of digestive problems
  • Prevents cramps
  • Recovers to perform again at 100%
  • We just want you to enjoy your passion
  • Go ahead and train, we do the rest

What makes us different?

We use AMYLOPECTIN as main carbohydrate

  • Gastric emptying up to 80% faster.
  • Reduction digestive problems.
  • Glycogen recharge to 70% faster.
  • Instant power.

All products are GLUTEN FREE

  • 85% of the population has problems with gluten.
  • We avoid these problems during exercise.

All powders are LOW SUGAR

  • Sugars have high osmolarity.
  • They need slow digestion and high water consumption.
  • Can cause dehydration and osmotic diarrhea.
  • All products contain NATURAL FLAVORS.
  • We avoid chemicals.
  • We offer recognizable flavors.
  • We make supplementation a pleasant and desirable moment.

All bars contain more than 90% of NATURAL INGREDIENTS

  • The more natural ingredients are ingested, the greater the benefits they bring to the organism.
  • Simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • Multitude of vitamins and minerals.
  • Different proteins, amino acids and fat types.


Do you want to test our products?

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