Here we leave a video of how to cook delicious cookies with our K-Weeks Immune. Great for breakfast!

100gr of K-Weeks
250gr of Oat Flakes
1/2 coffee spoon of yeast
A few of salt
50ml of oil
1 espresso
120ml of vegetal drink
2 eggs



K-WEEKS IMMUNE is a breakfast drink designed to be taken during periods:

  • High demand, either by volume or intensity.
  • Pre-competition period.
  • Changing Station.

We know that:

  • In the colder seasons, it is difcult to maintain and requires the most from you.
  • You must protect yourself to improve and save these periods.

Its composition provides whey protein ultraltered and Hydrolyzed Collagen whereby:

  • Helps to maintain body tissues
  • Improved Constraints due to efforts
  • Helps elasticity and exibility of cartilage, ligaments and tendons.