It is very likely that the effort you make rewards you with the best possible benefits. That’s why it’s important to dedicate some of your attention to all of the factors which influence your performance. In our case it is something fundamental, therefore we want to explain how the types of carbohydrates that you ingest influence your sports performance.

Amylopectin is a carbohydrate with a highly elevated biological value and it contains a starch that many elite athletes use. However, anyone can use it as it has an efficient and important effect on our body. You can find it in many of our Bio Energy Gels and it is the only carbohydrate present in our energy and recovery products such as: Energy Drink, Recovery Drink, Isotonic Drink y Sub9 Energy Drink. Like every other carbohydrate, the function of amylopectin is to provide energy for the body. With its use, we will increase our energy and muscular capacity to better withstand our training routine. What differentiates this carbohydrate from the others is its size as it consists of a more reduced molecular size that allows our body to assimilate it more easily.

Its level of osmolarity is lower than other carbohydrates as it needs less water to digest and assimilate. The term osmolarity refers to the measure which expresses the concentration level of the components of diverse solutions. The concept is derived from the osmotic pressure that changes the body’s cells when the solution in question is introduced. Therefore, with less osmolarity, less water will be required to digest the nutrient. This is a great advantage when training as it requires a lower quantity of liquid, we avoid running the risk of dehydration and its assimilation is faster. This characteristic also allows the body to assimilate it quickly, rendering better and faster intake of glycogen into the bloodstream. This improves the body’s response and, in this way, energy consumption. Therefore, it is a carbohydrate which serves us greatly in order to not only recover from an intense training session but also prepare us for a training session.

Advantages of Amylopectin

  • It restores the level of muscle glycogen 75% faster.
  • It passes through the stomach approximately 75% faster.
  • It is capable of providing glucose to the blood, liver and muscles approximately twice as fast as other carbohydrates.
  • It improves performance by 23%.
  • It prevents the destruction of muscle proteins by almost 80%.
  • It facilitates the transport of energy and reduces, to a minimum, the risk of muscle cramp due to its low osmolarity.
  • Amylopectin increases the delivery of fluids into the blood flow and provides us with strong levels of glycogen without affecting our performance or having to alter our daily diet.

Before, during and after training:

  • Using it before exercising allows us to have an optimal glucose load and help us face our training session.
  • If we take it while we practice sport, fatigue might become present during longer bouts of training.
  • Taking it after a tough training session or when we have competed intensely helps us to avoid muscle loss, something which is difficult to achieve. If we eat correctly before training, it is not necessary to use it beforehand. In this case it is more recommendable to use it during or after training.