We are launching a new range of vegan protein bars. Available in two delicious flavors – Cocoa & Cashew Nuts or Raspberry & Beetroot – and contain 28% and 29% protein content respectively in less the 155 K/cal. Made from high-quality, natural ingredients and superfoods.

Both rice and agave syrup have also been added to the ingredients, contributing to a lower glycemic index and also the favored use of ecological ingredients. 226ers continues with its push towards the use of sustainable primary sources that are high in quality and contribute to better nutrient assimilation when consumed.

Pea- and Rice-based Proteins

Pea protein contains a high proportion of essential and non-essential amino acids. It contains the richest natural source of arginine which is known to greatly help recovery and the growth of muscle tissues.

Pea protein is also high in bioavailability and digestibility, optimizes muscle tissue generation, and tones the muscles.

Rice protein contains a high quantity of nutrients and has a low calorie count. Helps to avoid fatty acids becoming stored as the protein activates the lipase contained in the liver and the artery walls.

Enriched with Superfoods

Chia seeds are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids that help fight against fats and regulate body weight.

Goji Berries are high in antioxidants.

Available in two flavors:

Cocoa Nibs & Cashew Nuts – made with powdered cocoa, pieces of raw cocoa seeds and cashew nuts.

Raspberry & Beetroot – made with dried raspberries, beetroot juice, and quinoa.

Directions for use:

Can be consumed at any moment of the day as a healthy snack between meals, as an extra portion of protein in weight-loss diets or after training to aid muscle recuperation.

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