Introducing Vegan Sport Gummies

These pectin-based energy gummies made from a mixture of high-quality carbohydrates have a great taste and a light texture.

VEGAN SPORT GUMMIES are a source of carbohydrates that help to maintain stable glucose levels within the bloodstream, provide energy and sustain a high level of performance.

The gummies are a great carbohydrate-based alternative for the athlete because they are easy to chew, taste great and have a light, pleasant texture. They are also easy to carry, eat and even share with our fellow teammates.

The new 226ERS formula contains improved ingredients and, due to its size format, makes the gummies perfect for consumption during training and even in competitions.


The gelatin-based texture has been replaced with pectin, giving the gummies a more pleasant taste and making them easily chewable.

Packaging size along with the quantity in each packet has been reduced, making them easier to carry and use. Each packet contains five gummies that add up to a total of 30g per packet and provide roughly the same amount of energy as one gel.

The gummies contain a greater quantity of micronutrients thanks to the high-quality mixture of carbohydrates.

They are available in two different formulas each with its own characteristics to suit the wide variety of necessities that each athlete has:

VEGAN SPORT GUMMIES / SUB 9 BCAAs – MANGO: contain a fruity, pleasant flavor and provide BCAAs in a proportion of 8:1:1, Tyrosine and Taurine.

  • BCAAs 8:1:1 – the branch-chained amino acids, leucine, valine, and isoleucine metabolize in the muscles, unlike other amino acids (generally speaking) that metabolize in the liver. They aid in preserving glycogen levels, contain an anabolic effect (mainly thanks to leucine) and actively aid the muscle recovery process.
  • Tyrosine – helps produce the amino acids that maintain correct brain functioning and it has a positive impact on both mental and physical energy levels.
  • Taurine – increases strength and resistance in a natural way. It reduces protein catabolism. It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and increases fat oxidation as an energy substrate.
  • Sodium – each packet of gummies contains 60mg of sodium, which is essential for correct cell functioning, body fluids, regulating arterial pressure, blood levels and pH.

VEGAN SPORT GUMMIES / CAFFEINE – CHERRY-COLA: their delicious cherry-cola flavor provides an extra caffeine and taurine kick for those that want that little bit extra.

  • Caffeine – the Vegan Sport Gummies contain 50mg of caffeine that increases our state of awareness, helping to increase performance and reduce fatigue. While also optimizing glycogen reserves, caffeine stimulates the movement of fats allowing for more fuel to be available within the muscles.
  • Sodium and Taurine – contain the same quantity as the Vegan Sport Gummies.
  • SUB 9 BCAAs.

Directions for use:

  • Eat five gummies with 300ml of water every 30’ – 45’ minutes during exercise.
  • Carbohydrate proportion – five gummies = one 25g BIO Energy Gel = ½ of a 60g Endurance Fuel Bar.

More information:

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