The food supplements of the sports nutritional brand specialising in long distance triathlons will be available at the provisioning stands during the next edition of the annual race celebrated on the Canary Islands.

Now, participants of the mythical test will be able to avail of the quality sports supplements specially created to face the 226kms of this race format. And this is also, precisely, where the name of the brand comes from as it is the name given to the triathletes who complete the distance that is required to be an IRONMAN® finisher.

It is not for nothing that this test is considered to be one of the toughest IRONMAN® challenges in the world. It is also the perfect curtain raiser for the World IRONMAN® Championships at Kona, Hawaii. The similarities between both tests (The Lanzarote IRONMAN® and the Kona IRONMAN®) are not few and far between with both being disputed across volcanoes and located on islands with unique scenery where the wind, albeit invisible, can’t avoid being another participant and one that will drain every ounce of strength from each participant on both extremes of the planet.

The tough elevation difference involved in the cycling stage (2.551m versus the 1.090m at Kona) and the characteristically persistent Alisios Winds predominate the Canary Island and it is difficult to differentiate between night and day and its gusty winds like those Trade Winds at Kona. However, those winds that perpetually work against you and are found during almost the entirety of the race make this a genuine challenge.

In a race of such difficulty, nothing should be left to chance. This is why 226ERS has created a line of products that are perfectly adequate to face this race format and specially conceived in order to optimally perform in extreme situations where every minor detail can go for or against you.

Jesús Sanchez Bas, CEO of 226ERS, considers that “El Club La Santa IRONMAN® Lanzarote is one of the most important and mythical IRONMAN® distance races and for me to be part of this event is a dream come true. I’ve participated in this event on various occasions and I always thought that we could one day become part of its history and be able to contribute by feeding the dreams of all of the participants with our products.”