Introducing RACE DAY SALTY TRAIL, a new version of the RACE DAY energy bar, now with a salty touch. Although these bars are designed to be taken specifically on competition days due to their weight (40 g), format, texture and ease of chewing, they are also perfect for more intense training days, when you need a carbohydrate intake with an extra sodium or to break the monotony of typical sweet foods.

RACE DAY bars are made mainly from organic ingredients such as dates, pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil and sultanas. They do not contain gluten, or added sugars, or lactose, or palm oil, and they are also suitable for vegans.

The new SALTY TRAIL version completes the already existing variety of RACE DAY bars with BCAA and Choco Bits, offering a total of nine different flavors:

3 flavors with a salty touch and 120 mg of sodium per bar.

  • Almonds & Seeds: with toasted almonds and pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds.
  • Peanuts: with roasted peanuts and organic dates.
  • Italian Taste: with organic tomato flakes, zucchini powder, basil and oregano that achieve a delicious pizza flavor.

In the RACE DAY bars, the amount of figs has been increased and that of dates has been reduced, with the intention of reducing the glycemic index.

In addition, RACE DAY SALTY TRAIL includes a vitamin complex with 10 vitamins at 50% of the NRV, some as important for metabolism and performance as are vitamin C and group B.

The 226ERS RACE DAY bars have an energy intake of between 124 and 175 kcal, providing between 15 and 25 g of carbohydrate depending on the flavor, perfect to take in competitions, training sessions or as a snack at any time of the day.

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