Introducing SOLO COFFEE

We present the new SOLO COFFEE, a high altitude organic coffee, with natural roast, ground and from Honduras and Peru. A commitment to coffees from cooperatives that promote sustainable development and focused on four main axes of responsibility: economic, social, environmental and institutional.
SOLO COFFEE is a blend that is characterized by containing two organic coffees grown at altitude (1600-1800 meters), processed by washing and drying in the sun on high beds. Both Arabic coffees are certified organic and of origin, Honduras and Peru. These coffees provide a creamy cup profile with notes of cocoa, thanks to the Peruvian origin, and floral subtlety and citric acidity from the complexity of Honduran coffee. A combination that offers notes of cocoa, a smooth but lingering aftertaste, and a sweet aroma with notes of dried fruits and white flowers.
The origin of coffee is located in the highlands of Ethiopia in the eleventh century, from where it passed to Arabia, who were in charge of expanding its bean throughout the world as a stimulating and energy drink.
Today, drinking coffee is a special time of the day, either in the morning to wake up with breakfast, at the stop with the group on weekends or after eating with friends. This action has a highly social component and the consumption of this precious preparation is usually accompanied by our loved ones. We like to share a coffee, even if it is a small cup and with a miniscule amount of it.
Coffee provides many benefits in everyday life, since caffeine is a stimulant that powers the central nervous system by increasing energy levels. While reducing fatigue and tiredness, it increases mental focus and concentration.
This is how caffeine works:

  • Increases alertness and improves performance.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • It stimulates the mobilization of fats and their availability as fuel for muscular work.
  • Optimizes the availability of glycogen stores.

SOLO COFFEE is presented in a 250 gram doypack with clip closure and valve to maintain all its essence and aroma.
“Life is like a cup of coffee. Everything is in how you prepare it, but above all in how you take it ”. -Anonymous.

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