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226 ERS is committed to developing the best products with the most natural ingredients and of the highest quality. Information on reducing or eliminating sugar, not using palm oil for ecological reasons and having gluten-free and vegan products, are part of the philosophy of the brand


It all began when Jes s, having just turned 13 bought his first sports nutrition book. He changed from playing a team sport to an individual sport, swimming, where performance depends on the individual, improvement as a result of hard training and on paying attention to looking after oneself, including diet. He understood that sport and nutrition should go together. He continued competing in swimming along with other sports (MTB, windsurfing, skiing, volleyball and basketball), while always keeping an eye on nutrition


Finally, in 1994 he dedicated his time to triathlon, his passion where diet and nutritional supplements played an increasingly important role for him. In 1999 he trained very hard and competed in different events and championships, but he had to drop out of, for him, the most important event of the year “the Ibiza Ironman” one of the first 226km triathlons to be held in Spain. Then he became fully aware of the importance of diet in endurance sports. This event marked a before and after in his sporting and professional


In 2004, having completed his studies and encouraged by his wife Pilar who was starting out in triathlons, he returned to compete with clear and ambitious objectives. He achieved good results, but endurance events were still a stumbling bloc, caused by digestive problems in the final stages of competitions when the body needs to react. In 2007, aware that this is one of the biggest problems that athletes have to overcome in distance events he decided, along with his doctor, coach, dietician, reading many specialised books on the topic, scientific studies and testing all the products in the market, to investigate the causes of digestive problems in competition and how to overcome them.


In 2010 he began to work on his own compositions based on his research. He decided to eliminate gluten, drastically reduce sugar intake during exercise and use nutritional sources that are the cleanest possible and of the best quality (natural foods) as well as the intake of low concentrated drinks to reduce digestion caused by dehydration. Then everything began to change. His performances improved and the products worked for him. That summer 226ERS starts up in an office of 12m2 in the basement of his house. 226ERS was born with its first 3 products.


In 2011, for the first time, he qualifies for the Kona IM, World IM Championships and in 2012 he becomes the European long distance champion at the Roth Challenge, breaking the 9 hour barrier. Between 2014 and 2016 he competed three times in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. His life had changed, both professionally and in sport, but all marked by nutrition suited to his needs, the same as for any sportsperson with long hard days training, in search of well-being and making this philosophy a way of life for daily personal improvement and also for their sport.


As the 226ERS brand grows it becomes more aware that sport and diet, besides being essential for good physical condition and performance, are all also necessary for an optimal state of mind. The more than 80 products of today, are not only related directly to physical activity, but also for those who wish to have a daily healthy lifestyle. We continue following the same guidelines and enthusiasm that were established from the beginning, trying to improve every day, using the highest standard of ingredients and always using natural products, with special attention to an optimal digestion of the products. 226ERS continues growing along this path.

“From the very beginning we are a brand created by and for lovers of endurance sports. This is the dream that continually drives us to improve and strive to get the best out of ourselves”.
Jesús Sánchez


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