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SUB9 RACE DAY - Monodose

Energy drink with a high carbohydrate content derived from Cyclodextrin and Palatinose, its main characteristic being low osmolarity for good absorption.Contains almost 1g of BCAAs per serving, in an 8:1:1 proportion, as well as 460mg of sodium derived from the use of sea salt and 230mg of L-Carnitine.The case contains 9 units. F
This new product provides the carbohydrate necessary to ensure the necessary energy for athletic performance as well as proteins rapid assimilation and BCAA. 8.1.1 In addition provides sodium, the mineral most consumed our body during exercise.De koffer bevat 15 eenheden.
Powder food supplement with sweetener.It should particularly be consumed while training or competing as a form of hydration, recuperating the levels of mineral salts after physical exercise or replenishing mineral salts stores before trainings or competitions.
RECOVERY DRINK is the ideal drink to help you recuperate after a training session. It provides 40% of the high-quality protein that comes from whey protein concentrate and contains less than 2g of sugar per dose.
Energy drinks


Its main advantage lies in its rapid supply of energy to the body without the need for sugars and in its low mineral salt content, which guarantees that the intake of other products containing minerals (gels, snack bars, capsules...) is not prejudicial.It is especially recommended for use in physical exercise and competitions lasting 90’ or more and for...
Electrolytes & Hydration


Its use is especially recommended for intense trainings or competitions lasting less than 90 min and as hydration and recharging of mineral salts deposits before and after intense exercise or competition.
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