An athlete’s intestine processes more nutrients than that of a person who does not practice sport. An unbalanced diet or one poor in fibre, stress and infections can cause imbalances in our microbiota and alter the digestive function, generating digestive discomfort, inflammation, fatigue or recurring infections.

Vegan Symbiotic Complex contributes to the proper functioning of the intestinal barrier by reducing intestinal inflammation and regulating the immune system through butyrate, its probiotic strains and vitamins C and D.

This is a gluten-free product, without added sugars and suitable for vegans. Perfect for anyone who wants to look after their intestinal health and improve the function of the immune system, whether or not you practice sport, since bacteria that benefit the body can be affected by diet, by taking antibiotics, by emotional or physical stress or by environmental changes.


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Food supplement based on Butyrate (postbiotic), Probiotic Strains and Vitamins C and D.


Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA). These fatty acids are used by the cells of the intestine (enterocytes) as an energy substrate to retain their integrity and functionality.

To obtain butyrate naturally we need our intestinal microbiota to ferment the dietary fibre that we cannot digest, and butyrate is produced as a result of this fermentation.

Different events such as:

  • An imbalanced diet poor in fibre
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Emotional or physical stress

They can trigger an imbalance in our microbiota (dysbiosis), reducing the production of butyrate and the functionality of our intestinal barrier, generating inflammation, poor digestion, increase in intestinal permeability and immune disorders.

0.7 grams of butyrate is the equivalent of 5g of fibre fermented by a microbiota in OPTIMAL condition. If our microbiota is not in this condition, the production of butyrate will be insufficient. The delivery of exogenous butyrate helps reduce intestinal permeability and the widespread inflammation of our intestine.


Our probiotic formula delivers 5 strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria as well as the Saccharomyces Boulardii yeast and vitamins D and C.

  • Saccharomyces Boulardii: improves the intestinal barrier function, increases the expression of intestinal digestive enzymes and resulting increase in nutrient absorption.
  • L. Plantarum: improves barrier function and inhibits the adherence of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal epithelium.
  • L. Rhamnosus: improves the intestinal immune system by increasing the number of cytokine-producing cells.
  • L. Acidophilus: increases lactic acid by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine. And increases the production of butyrate.
  • Bifidobacterium animalis lactis and Bifidobacterium bifidum: improves digestive function. Helps to digest disaccharides such as lactose and fibres that generate intestinal symptoms.
  • Vitamin C: helps immune system function during and after exercise. As well as Ascorbic Acid, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping the body in high-stress situations such as training.
  • Vitamin D: contributes to proper calcium metabolism and to strengthening the immune system.



Take 2 capsules with breakfast to use the ingested fibre in assimilating the product.

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L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), butyrate 30 % Granules (Sunflower Oil, Fully Hydrogenated mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Tributyrin, Banana flavour), 0 transparent Veg Capsule ((Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) cover),Corn maltodextrine, mix of 5 strains 10*10E9 (bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis, bifidobacterium bifidum, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus rhamnosus), sacharomyces boulardii, cholecalciferol (Vitamin D), Organic Nu Flow® (Organic Rice Hull/ Organic Rice Fiber), Organic rice extract blend “Nu-Mag™” (Rice extract*, rice hulls*, gum arabic* an sunflower oil*(*organics).


100 gr1 Softgel
of which saturated
of which sugars
Nutrient supply1 capsule2 capsules
Butyrate triglyceride45 mg90 mg
Saccharomyces Boulardii25 mg50 mg
Vitamin C250 mg500 mg
Mix 5 strains50 mg100 mg
Vitamin D0.013 µg25 µg


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