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Proteins & Amino Acids


Protein shake suitable for vegans, formulated with isolated pea protein, rice protein and chia seeds. Enriched with superfoods such as moringa, lucuma and flax.Available in red fruits and cocoa flavour.
A traditional dessert made from pea protein base, with flax seed for increased fibre quantity and maca extract to counteract physical and mental exhaustion.It is an ideal product to consume at any time of the day whether for breakfast, as an evening snack, a dessert or prior to a competition. Each portion contains 19g of protein and only 0,4g of sugar as...
A delicious individual chocolate flavoured bun containing chocolate chips, made from gluten-free ingredients with great nutritional value like pea protein, rice flour and teff flour that provides fibre and slow-release carbohydrates, with minerals and amino acids.Suitable for vegans and very easy to make, it is ideal for breakfast, as a snack, dessert or...
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