Introducing VEGAN OAT BAR

Introducing the new VEGAN OAT BAR. A bar in square format to carry in any pocket, bag or backpack to take as a contribution of maximum quality natural energy at the time of day you prefer as a healthy snack, or before, during or after training. The new format of the VEGAN OAT BAR is so comfortable and attractive that you will not be able to take it everywhere, as well as a healthy vital recharge.
VEGAN OAT BAR contains only natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans, as the name implies. Their oatmeal flakes have no gluten and are sweetened with organic rice syrup. Its texture is soft and pleasant to chew, and it is the right amount (50 grams) so that it feels perfectly to the stomach and has a quick assimilation.
It is made with extra virgin olive oil, eliminating hydrogenated or trans fats so frequent in this type of bar. In this way it provides healthy fats due to its high content of oleic acid. It is also enriched with “superfoods” such as:

  • Chia seeds: great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids that help fight fats and regulate body weight.
  • Nuts that are rich in polyunsaturated fats and provide vegetable protein and fiber. Along with sesame that in addition to all this provides vitamins and minerals.
  • Strawberries and blueberries as antioxidants.

Available in two flavors:

  • Pistachio & Chia Seeds
  • Strawberry & Cashew Nuts.

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