226ERS SINCE 2010 new collection

Introducing the new 226ERS SINCE 2010 collection.

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary we have created a unique collection. Designed with elegant and sober colors, a reflection of the maturity acquired after so many years in the world of sports. In this collection, ten horizontal lines stand out that represent the ten-year history of the brand, with a beige color that evokes our most human side, one of the fundamental pillars of 226ERS.
Employees, athletes, event organizers, commercials … Each of the people who have passed through 226ERS during these ten years is part of this collection.


Lightweight and highly breathable technical shirt. Perfect for training or competitions. Available in short sleeves or suspenders. The shirt chosen by a great champion like Javi Guerra.
Versatility and comfort for the most demanding routes or days out.
With the rear part redesigned for better breathability. Short sleeves for the hottest days or long sleeves for the cooler autumn days.
Conceived specifically for cyclists for its comfort and convenience. With Dolomiti Pads chamois, resistant zigzag stitching and a final finish with integrated silicone in Lycra for a better fit.
A range of cycling accessories that cannot be missing from your wardrobe.
Classic cut cycling cap, perfect to prevent sweat from falling into your eyes or to protect you from the cold. Thanks to its visor you will be protected from the sun and fine rain. Another accessory that could not be missing is the superlight bottle, one of the lightest bottles on the market. That elegant touch that your bike was missing.
Complete the collection with cycling socks, which combine comfort and breathability to keep your feet always dry.
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