ALMOND BUTTER 300g - Almond Protein Cream

3 Reviews
ALMOND BUTTER 300g - Almond Protein...

ALMOND BUTTER 300g - Almond Protein Cream

3 Reviews

Almond Butter 100% suitable for vegans, additive-free, without added sugar or palm oil. Only premium-quality, toasted and peeled almonds have been used.

High content in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

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Our almond butter has a smooth and creamy texture, since the almonds have been ground with traditional top-quality methods using roasted almonds only. 

Almonds are highly nutritious and eating them provides lasting energy throughout the day.

They have a high content of mostly unsaturated fats, the kind, which benefits cardiovascular health.

They provide 26% of good-quality vegetable protein, which is complete in regards to its content in essential amino acids, contributing to maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

This is why they are highly recommended for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet, for sportspeople and for growing children.

Almonds are an excellent source of fiber (11%) and contain high amounts of Vitamins from the B group, Vitamin E as well as Minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and Zinc as well as Calcium, almonds being one of the richest vegetable sources of this mineral.


  • For breakfast, afternoon snacks, nibbles between meals or desserts
  • Or added to cereals, pancakes, toast, vegetables or homemade desserts.

TIPS: Some separation in the oil is natural, you just have to stir before using.


FORMAT: Glass Jar.

PRODUCT STORAGE: Keep in a cool and dry place. At a temperature of 15-20ºC.

EXPIRY: 10 months from the date of manufacture.

Almond butter 100%.

0.30 kg
Vegan Product
Gluten Free
No palm oil
Low sugar
High protein content
Nutritional information

INGREDIENTS: 100% Toasted Almond.

Energy kJ / kcal
2661 / 643
Fat g 53
    of wich saturates g 4,1
Carbohydrate g 10
    of wich sugars g 4,9
Fibre g 11
Protein  g 26
Salt g 0,04
Calculation made from the known or effective theoretical values ​​of the ingredients used


  • Peanuts and peanut products.
  • Nuts, i.e. almonds (Amygdalus communis L.), hazelnuts (Corylus avellana), walnuts (Juglans regia), cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale), pecans [Carya illinoiesis (Wangenh.) K. Koch], Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa), pistachios (Pistacia vera), macadamia and Australian nuts (Macadamia ternifolia), and derived products.
3 opinions

buena calidad
solo cacahuete 100%, calidad top!

Best Peanut Butter
100% real Peanut Butter

Es muy buena, 100% pura y de la mejor calidad.
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