against cancer

It's possible ending cancer while you practice sports with your 226ers products thanks to the support to the CRIS against cancer reserch. We are very proud of launching a range of solidary sport products in order to cooperate with science to end this disease which kill more than 100.000 lifes in Spain

Cris against cancer

and public access

Foundation CRIS against cancer supports the research in different kinds of tumours: children's leukemias, breast, prostate or colon cancer. All patients can have access to the most innovative treatments thanks to investments in public hospitals. Now, you have the opportunity to become part of this team which fights against this disease with the sportswear with which 226ers collaborates.

Solidary challenge

You wear the colours of the fight against cancer with proud while practicing your favourite sport. Moreover, if you want to go a step further you have the possibility of creating your own solidarity challenge to try to win the cancer with all your friends support.

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