The VEGAN GUMMY BAR is a jellied texture energy bar formulated with a mixture of high quality carbohydrates and pectin, which makes it suitable for vegans. These bars are perfect for those who need extra energy during training or competition and prefer not to use gels. Its 30g bar format provides approximately the same energy as a gel.

These bars are a perfect source of carbohydrates, as they help maintain blood glucose levels and provide energy to keep a high physical performance at any time of the day. Their shape and size make them very easy to carry in any pocket.

In addition, their gummy texture makes them very pleasant and easy to take, chew and digest. Their main ingredients, such as golden sugar and rice syrup, are all organic. This ensures high quality energy and better assimilation.

The new ELECTROLYTES flavors:
• ORANGE: Formulated with natural aroma and sea salt. It does not contain colourants.
• LIME: Formulated with sea salt and chlorophyll dye.

One VEGAN GUMMY BAR ELECTROLYTES contains 125 mg of Sodium, 27 mg of Magnesium and 9 mg of Potassium, which are all essential for long-lasting activities during hot days and under high humidity conditions. Two bars of these gummies contain the same amount of mineral salts as a Sub9 Salt Electrolyte capsule.

With the addition of these two new ELECTROLYTES flavors, VEGAN GUMMY BAR is available in four flavors:
• Orange with Electrolytes
• Lime with Electrolytes.
• Mango with BCAAs 8: 1: 1,
• Cherry & Cola with Caffeine