Introducing NEO BAR

Introducing the new NEO BAR, an evolution of the protein bar, but now with crunchy texture and 4 new flavours. This bars have 46% protein and less than 1 gram of sugar on each unit. They are not only the perfect choice after a long or intense workout, but also a healthy snack for any time of the day thanks to its high quality natural ingredients.
Protein is a essential nutrient and their main function is structural and plastic, which means they help to create, regenerate and keep tissues such a the skin , nails, tendons, etcetera. They are also important for muscle synthesis and bone remodeling. Among its many other functions they transport oxygen through the body, as well as provide four calories per gram.
If the average person needs 0,8g of protein per kilogram of body mass, for those who play endurance sports that quantity increases up to 1,2-1,4 grams per kilogram per day.
Proteins of the new NEO BAR come from such ingredients as milk protein isolate and hydrolysed collagen protein, thus stimulating the uptake of amino acids.
This bars also contain glycerin for contributing to get a hyperhydration condition, which helps keeping the sportsman’s hydration levels in optimal condition in order to ward off a drop in performance. Also contains Soy seeds provide a crunchy touch, in addition to plant protein from legumes.
NEO BAR are not only enriched with 57 mg of magnesium per unit to contribute to the proper functioning of muscles in their protein synthesis, but also contain vitamins C, E, B3, B6 and B1. They are GMO free, neither contain added sugar or palm oil.

These new bars are launched in four flavours:
• Dark chocolate: with cocoa powder and dark chocolate topping.
• White Choco & Strawberry: strawberry flavour with white chocolate topping.
• Coconut & Chocolate: with coconut flakes and dark chocolate topping.
• Peanuts & Chocolate: with peanuts and milk chocolate topping.

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