Introducing RACE DAY

Introducing the new RACE DAY, a new energy bar create to be used specifically on race days and also in those of most intense training, when an extra boost of carbs is needed to accelarate the recovery process. The 40g format is perfect to carry on and is really easy to chew and ingest.
The RACE DAY bar is a variation of the already well-known Endurance Fuel Bar BCAA, featuring a thinner and easier-to-carry energy bar. This new bar is mainly made from fig, date and squash sedes. They are suitable for vegans and made with organic ingredients.
One of the strong points of the RACE DAY bar is that supplies 124 kcal of energy, as it contains 21-25 grams of carbohydrates, depending of each flavour. Another improvement on earlier bars features an increase in the quantity of used fig and a decrease in that of pitted date, thus putting the glycemic index under control, considering the energy required and lowering the risk of the feared insulin spikes and the resulting decline of performance.
Likewise, the RACE DAY bar becomes a valuable help to start recovery, as it supplies branched chain amino acids in a 8:1:1 ratio (leucine, lsoleucine and valine) and extra vitamins like Vitamin C and those of the Group B, which are so important for metabolism and performance.
The quality of this energy bar is defined in its natural ingredients of organic origin, such as the squash seeds, sunflower oil and sultanas, none of them genetically modified. These bars are gluten free, neither contain added sugar, lactose, palm oil or nuts that might adversely affect allergic persons.
The RACE DAY bars can be eaten every 30-60’ depending on needs, during workouts or competitions. It is also perfect to eat before excercise to cover the energy needs of that moment previous to the sports practice.
Available in 3 tasty flavours:
– Dark chocolate: with natural cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips and natural chocolate aroma.
– Apple & cinnamon: with organic chopped dried apple, organic cinnamon powder and natural apple aroma.
– Banana & ginger: with banana flakes, organic ginger powder and natural banana aroma.

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