226ERS will be an official sponsor of the Movistar Team in 2020.
226ERS and Movistar Team announce that the Spanish nutrition and supplementation brand has become, since this 2020 season, an official partner of the telephone squad. The group of Eusebio Unzué thus adds to its group of sponsors a company of great relevance in the field of health care of the athlete, inside and outside their physical activity.
A wholly Spanish-owned firm based in Alcoy (Alicante), 226ERS is a young enterprise which from 2009 develops and produces in Spain nutrional products to feed the dreams of athletes and those who love caring for his own health. Besides being a key factor for both a good physical condition and optimal performance, sport and nutrition are integral to a right state of mind. Perfectly aware of this, 226ERS market production includes quickly-absorbed gluten free products suitable for vegans with no GMOs or added sugar within, thus avoiding palm oil for a better ecological sustainability. Across its catalogue of more than 80 different items, 226ERS features not only products directly related to physical activity, but also those suitable for anyone aiming to care for one’s own health at any other time of the day. At present, 226ERS products are available in 14 international markets.

With this agreement, 226ERS takes a further step and proceeds to develop new and specific products for Movistar Team in accordance with the very demanding needs of the competitions which it takes part in. But it is not just that. In such important events as the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France or the Vuelta a España, each cyclist will have the best and most appropiate product on a customised and individual basis, always depending on the particular characteristics of each race.
Jesús Sánchez, founder and CEO of 226ERS: “We are a brand created by and for the endurance sports fans, a brand which was born from the passion for sport and performance. We dreamt of sponsoring a great cycling squad someday. A decade passed by and our dream come true, we have just become official Movistar Team partners. For us it is a milestone and a huge commitment as well. We have evolved from a global practical implementation in the early days to a much more scientific approach in the present, which we apply individually to each athlete’s needs considering the different nuances that one way or another affect each workout and each competition for a peak performance.”
Juan Pablo Molinero, Movistar Team CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): “For Movistar Team, the alliance with 226ERS is a significant step forward to improve the performance of both our male and female teams. Moreover, it’s a great chance for the team in terms of contributing to develop a suitable product for all kind of consumers, a product which our cyclists already felt satisfied with since the first time the team was brought together early this autumn. It is a top quality product which can help to enhance their performance, as well as recovery and nutrition.”

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