Introducing VEGAN VITAMIN+

Introducing VEGAN VITAMIN+, a multivitamin complex with an extra supply of magnesium, iron, organic silicon and coenzyme Q10.
Vitamins are essential nutrients for life, as they participate in numerous physiological and metabolic processes. That is because human body cannot produce them by his own and needs to intake them.It is true that a large amount of them can be obtained throughout food. But if that food is not adequate or our intense daily routine takes up too much energy, it is highly recommended to take nutritional supplements between meals in order not to suffer from a vitamin deficiency that could even end up in both physical and organic issues, as well as in a drastic reduction of the dayly energy levels.

VEGAN VITAMIN+ provides vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B group vitamins, magnesium and iron among other minerals, together with coenzyme Q10, which acts as a powerful cell antioxidant.

When should VEGAN VITAMIN+ be taken?
Vitamins are just an extra supply to a proper balanced diet, so they must never replace any meal. You may take two Vegan Vitamin+ capsules once a day between meals whenever your daily routine requires a greater energy expenditure.
Strengthen your immune system & metabolic activity and prevent anemia with VEGAN VITAMIN+ so that the daily routine, daylight savings time change and seasonal change can’t beat you!

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