NEO BAR50% Protein – Banana

Neo Protein is a delicious high-protein bar, with 50% protein and less than 1g of sugar. It contains 25 grams of high-quality proteins extracted from sources such as casein, egg and milk products. All of them with large quantity of essential and branched amino acids. Ideal for aiding muscle recovery after strength, training or competition.



High protein bars. 50% protein and less than 1g of sugar.

  • Each bar contains 25g of high-quality protein extracted from sources such as casein, egg and milk products, all with high quantities of essential and branched-chain amino acids.

With these tips the capture of amino acids by the body is aided, taking advantage of the “open window” and accelerating recovery. This way positive adaptations of the workout are maximised and the body is prepared for the next workout load.

They also contain:

  • Vitamin B6: In charge of metabolising amino acids, this makes it an ideal product for aiding muscle recovery after strength training or competition.

Usage recommendations:

  • Before training: 1 bar 40 minutes to an hour before, so the body has sufficient time to correctly assimilate the nutrients and to achieve greater performance due to delayed fatigue and reduced risk of muscle injury.
  • After training: 1 bar during the 30 minutes after finishing the training session.
  • After competing: 1 bar an hour for two hours after a competition.
  • For extra recovery: 1 bar at breakfast the day after an exhausting long training session or competition.
  • However, if the aim is to increase protein intake, Neo-protein can also be used as a snack, taken every 5-6 hours.

As this product focuses on muscle and tissue recovery, it is recommended in combination with:

  • Products with high levels of carbohydrates (endurance bar, evo bar, energy
    drink) to replenish muscle glycogen deposits and optimise the overall recovery process.

Additional information

Weight 0.055 kg



Milk protein, gelatine hydrolysate, milk chocolate with sweetener 20% (maltitol, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavours), humectant (glycerol), soy crisps (soy protein, tapioca starch, salt), soy oil, acidulant (citric acid), flavours (contains milk), gelatine, salt, sunflower oil, minerals (magnesium oxide), vitamins (vitamin C (ascorbic acid), nicotinamide, vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), vitamin B1 (thiamin hydrochloride), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), sweetener (sucralose), colouring agent (bèta carotene).


100 gr 50 gr
Energy Value 1492 kJ / 355 kcal 746 kJ / 177 kcal
Fats 9,90 g 4,90 g
of which saturates 5,20 g 2,60 g
Carbohydrate 24,9 g 12,4 g
of which sugars 2,00 g 1,00 g
Fiber 0,40 g 0,20 g
Proteins 50,0 g 25,0 g
Salt 0,53 g 0,26 g
Vitamins content
Vitamin E 4,80 mg (40%VRN) 2,40 mg (20%VRN)
Vitamin C 26,0 mg (36%VRN) 14.5 mg (18%VRN)
Vitamin B1 0,97 mg (88%VRN) 0.48 mg (43%VRN)
Vitamin B3 4,80 mg (30%VRN) 2,40 mg (15%VRN)
Vitamin B6 0,96 mg (69%VRN) 0,48 mg (34%VRN)
Minerals content
Magnesium 113 mg (30%VRN) 56,5 mg (15%VRN)
%VRN:Nutrient Reference Values


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