“Neo – protein” are high-protein bars, with 50% protein and less than 1g of sugar.

It contains 25 grams  of high-quality proteins in every bar, extracted from sources such as casein, egg and milk products, all of them with large quantity of essential and branched amino acids. With these guidelines, uptake of amino acids is favored by the body using “window period” and recovery is speeded up.

In this way, beneficial adaptations of training are maximized and body is prepared for the next workload.

It also contains:

  •  Vitamin B6: Responsible of amino acids metabolism which makes it an ideal product to tissue recover after intensive efforts, strength training or competitions.

Usage recommendations:

  • Before training: 1 bar within 40 minutes and 1 hour before. In this way, the body will have enough time to properly absorb these nutrients and achieve a better performance since fatigue will be delayed and the risk of injury will be reduced.
  • After training: 1 bar for the 30 minutes after having finished the training session.
  • After competition: 1 bar every hour for the two hours after a competition.
  • For an extra recovery: 1 bar at breakfast the day after an exhausting training, long-term training or after a competition.

However, if the aim is an increase in protein intake, Neo-protein bars can also be a “snack”, taking one every 5-6 hours.


As this product deals with muscle and tissue recovery, it is recommended in combination with:

  • Products with high carbohydrate content (endurance bar, evo bar, energy drink) in order to replenish stores of muscular glycogen and optimize regenerative global process.


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